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Exede - High Speed Internet in Peru, NY

Exede available in Peru, NY from The Satellite Guy

Exede from The Satellite Guy is the next generation satellite broadband. It is ViaSat's latest satellite internet provider, with rising demands from rural customers and expectations that exceed those of other competitors. Download HD films with greater clarity, as well manage the transmission of more sizable pictures and faster e-mail messages. The combined high-tech wares and the optimized bandwidth has convinced more and more rural residents to switch to Exede's services.

Package Price points

Our package options range based on what you need and what you can afford. Starting at the reasonable rate of $49.99, the customer can get a 10GB bandwidth per month; perfect for those new to the online experience. This offer is great for light internet usage such as research, emails and the daily news. For an additional $30, you can double that capacity to 15GB in order to watch more movies, send more pictures, and enrich your multimedia internet experience. This package is the most commonly used plan, for those who do heavy web surfing through sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc. For a top price of $129.99 a month, this 25GB plan provides the ultimate Internet savings. This 25GB plan is perfect for houses in which many residents surf the net at the same time, and for those who enjoy listening to songs, streaming films and other sizable files. In addition, each and every plan comes complete with the same great customer service that accompanies ViaSat plans on a regular basis.

Internet From HughesNet

HughesNet, a satellite broadband option hosted by Dish Network, offers similar plans with more guidelines and regulations. Their system tends to reach a maximum of 250MB every day, disallowing customers from enjoying the World Wide Web as well as its multi-media content to its maximum potential. HughesNet certainly has plans for the future of wireless internet but it has not yet reached the bar.

Cox, Comcast and Time Warner Cable Internet

Time Warner, Comcast, Cox and other cable companies provide online services that restrict customers to just one provider as well as certain geographic regions in which their Internet cables operate. So why bother considering cable internet when its services are incapable of reaching remote locations? Even though cable may not be available in all the areas that satellite is, it is still a popular choice amongst many households.

FiOS & Fiber - Verizon and Google Kick In

New technology is emerging to bring its wired users exceptional internet speeds! Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS both use fiber optic cable which allows for quick web surfing and streaming. Without the electrical resistance that traditional cable internet faces, fiber optic internet has the ability to provide much greater internet speeds and bandwidth. The issue with fiber optic and any landline based internet is that it takes a long time to lay down all the cable. If you think about it, your house or apartment maybe hooked up to a cable network but it has taken decades for companies to provide the infrastructure and it has been subsidized by many companies. In this case, there are only two companies and they have every single household and business in America to hook up. It might be fast, but it also might be a while before you can see these benefits.

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Debuting in 2012, this new type of satellite was culled from the most innovative technology available in the modern world--and now you too can use it. Exede is the best of all possible options, as it provides a strong satellite connection in rural regions limited to DSL and dial up connections. Our competitors' low resolution Ku band bandwidth causes degradation during bad weather, whereas our high resolution Ka band communication satellites provide you with the speed and quality internet you deserve.

This stellar mix of incredible online technology has been developed and perfected to provide the ultimate Internet experience. Do it all--and quickly--with a bit of help from Exede Broadband Peru, NY from The Satellite Guy.